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  • Dockmate Float Drum
  • Dockmate Float Drum
  • Dockmate Float Drum
  • Dockmate Float Drum
Dockmate Float DrumDockmate Float DrumDockmate Float DrumDockmate Float Drum

Dockmate Float Drum

  • Material: PE+EPS inside
  • UV resistant,weather proof
  • Temperature Test: can work at -40ºC to 60ºC
  • Customized Is available
  • Product description: Floating Dock System丨Float Drums丨Bulkheads and Seawalls丨Rotomolded Plastic Pontoon for Dock LLDPE marina dock

Rotational Rotomolding plastic pontoon for docks

Water Boat Dock System Float Drum

Rotational Molding, also called rotomolding or rotocast, is a thermoplastic process for producing hollow parts by placing powdered resin into a hollow mold and then rotating that mold bi-axially in an oven until the resin melts and coats the inside of the mold.The mold is then cooled and the part is removed from the mold. Rotational molding can produce small to large, simple to complex parts.Such as road barrier, kayak, buoy .etc are made by rotational molding process.We can find rotomolded products everywhere in our life.

PE Plastic Badge Rotomold Foam Filled Floating Dock

1.rotomolding PE shell,seamless piece EPS foam filled inside
3.UV resist,weather proof
4.Strong, long life

5.OEM is available

Rotational moulding or Roto Molding which is a high temperature, low volume, low pressure thermoplastic forming process .It mainly suite for producing hollow, one piece parts such as large oil or chemical tanks, kayaks, point of purchase displays, frames, cases, furniture,carts, dispensers, park equipment. The material can be UV resistant which can ensure the outdoor use of your products .

Material: PE+EPS inside

Life span: above 10 years

Temperature Test: can work at  -40ºC to 60ºC

  • Material: imported PE for the sell, expanded polystyrene(EPS) foam filled to make sure  the maximum buoyancy.
  • Maintenance free: Wouldn't rust, splinter, peel or corrode.
  • Usage: Widely used in marina (dock,jetty, wharf, quay) building.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Any color is customized


The navigation buoy is capable of supporting substantial loads.So that it has a wide application areas: coastal harbor, inland river, rocks, beach, islet, reef and bank etc.
We are professional to do rotational molded buoys. And we are dedicated to build long term cooperation relationship with our clients.
We have competitive price with excellent quality, and good faith management.

We use imported food PE raw materials, light weight and have big buoyancy. Because of it's higher corrosive resistance, anti-aging , it's safe and durable.
Good quality
It's anti-UV , good flexibility,and excellent impact resistance, no crack.Also it's environmentally friendly.

Size, color or logo can be customized according to customer requirement.
Reasonable price
You can save much more expenses and time on preservation, replacement and repair. Low mould costs. And the working life is three times of steel pontoon life.