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Floating Dock

  • Plastic Floating Wharf/Dock/Buoy For Sale
  • Plastic Floating Wharf/Dock/Buoy For Sale
  • Plastic Floating Wharf/Dock/Buoy For Sale
Plastic Floating Wharf/Dock/Buoy For SalePlastic Floating Wharf/Dock/Buoy For SalePlastic Floating Wharf/Dock/Buoy For Sale

Plastic Floating Wharf/Dock/Buoy For Sale

  • Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Buoyancy: 325KG/㎡
  • Weight:7kgs±0.3kg
  • floating dock, pier, fishing platform, fish farm, walk way, pontoon bridge
  • Product description: Floating Cube Floating boat dock cube丨Floating Dock Cubes丨Pontoon Cubes丨Floating Plastic Docks for Boats and Watercraft丨High quality Molecular HDPE Floating wharf

Plastic Floating Dock/Warf/Buoy For Sale

1.China Leeboat Dock Float is made from high molecular weight high density synthetic materials- strengthened materials that are anticorrosive, antifreeze, anti-oxidation, uvioresistant and environment-friendly, which can avoid erosion from sea water, chemicals, medicine, oil stain and aquatic life

2.Anti skid design on its upper surface can ensure safety and stability, and its four circular arc and obtuse angle shaped corners can avoid danger from cement, wood and steel facilities such as slip, puncture wound by broken sawdust, rusty nails;
3.This product has long life span of over 15 years without any expenses spending on preservation and maintenance, unless there exists strong nature force and man induced improper use;
4.With easy, quick and flexible assembly and various shapes, this product's whole modular structure ensures platform shape can be changed to fit all kinds of landscapes; bright and colorful appearance and beautiful shape can create an added special effective picture to scenic spot;
5.Its reasonable price, if we take long views, can save much more expenses and time on preservation, maintenance, replacement and repair;
6.Complete equipments for floating dock system, such as bollard, handrails,crashworthy ball, pile guide etc.

Product Description


Simple Floating Wharf

Industrial use, public construction, water work platforms for military engineering

Water buoy

bateau bridge

Boating, rowing, paddling, surfing, and Military landing platform

Aquaculture net cage structure

Water sidewalk

Swimming, sunbathing with floating raft

Temporary motor boats (motorized)

Artificial floating island

A referee's desk for water sports competitions

Water show stage

Water rescue station


Water beer house, outdoor water cafe, water resort, water lamp and so on

Outdoor water swimming pool, beach, outdoor lake fishing, water treatment field of water boarding and the partition board

Product specification


About 7 kilograms (15 pounds)± 5 %

Bearing capacity

360 kilograms per square meter


Light blue,light gray, orange,can be customized



Single buoy size

Length:50cm wide: 50 cm tall: 40 cm

Structural fittings

Claw bolt, anti-collision bolt, side fixing bolt,water ladder, spacer, torque wrench,plug wrench, screw side stiffener, railings, all accessories, Shen anchor fixation group and other equipment installation is very simple.

Application of the pontoon cubes

1. Floating docks, boat dock, pontoon dock, floating marinas, floating jetties, yacht dock, floating wharf, floating pier,floating pontoon, plastic jetty, boat marina,, ferry dock, floating quay.

2. Floating bridges, pontoon bridges, floating walkways, on water walkway, water passage, floating swimming pool.

3. Floating work platforms, working platforms, work platforms, water platforms, water sports plarform, floating wooden house ,artificial island .

4.Net cages for aquaculture, fish farming, fish farm, fishing net cage,water fishery.

5.Jet Ski docks, jet ski lifts, jet ski floats, jet ski port,jet ski platform, pwc dock, pwc platform, pwc floating dock, pwc lifts, boat lifts ,drive on dock, personal watercraft dock .

6, Aquatic stages for water shows and activities, Floating restaurants, Floating beer bars etc.


Cube Docks - Plastic Floating Docks

Our high density plastic cubes offer you unlimited configurations in a maintenance-free alternative to traditional wooden, metal, and concrete docks. Guaranteed for twenty years, our environmentally friendly cubes have been installed around the world in residential, commercial, marina, rowing, fishing and swimming platforms, as well as numerous other recreational applications. When compared to other docks, ours offer lightweight parts that are quick and easy to assemble with our special connecting pin. Plus, we offer one of the most complete ranges of accessories in the industry to further customize your dock in recreational or commercial use.

Float characteristics:

The pontoon to 500mm / min test speed to do diagonal tensile test, up to 1600kgf above the tensile strength.

1. Safe and secure: engineering pontoon surface anti-skid pattern design, safe and secure; and the bucket four corners for the arc obtuse angle design, both safe and stable.

2. High bearing capacity: per square meter can carry 360kg weight.

3. Multi-purpose: can be widely used in various fields.

4. Affordable: maintenance and repair costs less. In addition to natural force majeure and artificial improper use, almost no need to spend maintenance, maintenance costs.

5. Easy to dismantle: quick and easy installation and dismantling; assembly simple, fast, flexible, diverse shapes, the overall use of modular structure,

6. Mobility variability: can be changed according to need, combined into any size and any structure of the facilities; with a variety of landscape needs, the rapid replacement of the platform shape. In the case of

7. The appearance of bright colors, beautiful shape, for the scenic icing on the cake, enhance the publicity effect.

8. The cost is reasonable, the economy, from a long-term point of view, can save a large number of maintenance, maintenance, replacement, maintenance costs and time.

9. Equipped with complete equipment, a series of bolt, cable piles, anti-collision ball, fence, landing side of the bridge and pedal, etc,the dock can be parked in various sizes of vessels; the other because of floating buoyancy characteristics of the floating platform, Landing and automatic lift, the passengers up and down the safety of the vessel, greatly increased comfort.

10. Material: Imported tough high molecular weight polyethylene resin (HMWHDPE), add the corresponding anti-static, antioxidants, anti-ultraviolet agent

The material is characterized by: anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet line of the strengthening material, from seawater, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and water erosion;

11. The product life is more than 15 years.