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Floating Dock

  •  Mooring systems- Modular Plastic Piers
  •  Mooring systems- Modular Plastic Piers
  •  Mooring systems- Modular Plastic Piers
 Mooring systems- Modular Plastic Piers Mooring systems- Modular Plastic Piers Mooring systems- Modular Plastic Piers

Mooring systems- Modular Plastic Piers

  • Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Tensile capacity: 1.8 tons to 2 tons.
  • Mooring systems
  • modular dock system
  • Product description: Islands for recreation and water sports丨Plastic Floating Docks | plastic modular floating pontoon丨Temporary pontoon bridges

flexible,weatherproof,easily handled and affordable. Personal WaterCraft Lifts. Water Concert/Wedding Party Floating Platform/Boat Lifts

A double hollow plastic block (or module)

Product application

The plastic buoy is the basic unit of most of the water platforms. It can be applied to floating bridges, ocean floating boats, floating docks, floating boxes, combined floating systems, floating bridges, wharfs, wharfs, swimming pools, fish farms, etc.

Our floating docks and Jet Ski lifts are ideal for operators of Jet Ski rental facilities to simplify the launching of the machines, improve comfort of their customers with stable platforms, and speed-up rotations.

Product information


Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Color: blue, orange

Size: L: 50cm * W: 50cm * H:40cm

– Temporary floating piers, quays, berths, wharves, harbors, docking bases for small boats, yachts, sailboats, rowing boats, pulling/life boats, yawls, scooters, etc;
– Islands for recreation and water sports;
– Temporary protection of coastal river or sea areas with the aim of creating on them the greatest favorable and comfortable conditions for recreation;
– Temporary pontoon bridges intended for crossings of people over given water areas.
– Floating platforms for hydrological works, machinery transportation across one water area or another during the repairing of bridges, piers, as well as painting the boards of water-born vessels, water skiing sporting activities, etc.

Cubic Docks is an ultra-strong modular dock system that is both highly flexible and extremely tough. As a modular dock system CubicDocks make for easy reconfiguration. Each dock block is 20" x 20", making for easy individual handling.

The Cubic Docks advantages

Cubic Docks are blow-molded using a compound polyethylene plastic. They're modular, meaning you can change your dock's size and configuration as you see fit. Cubic Docks are made from recyclable plastic and require little maintenance - usually the rain is enough to keep them clean!

Each lightweight 20" x 20" section snaps into place with ease. The flexibility of the assembled floats means they'll survive harsh water conditions and adverse weather. Each block is rigorously tested prior to sale and ensured that no leaks are present.

Main Features of the plastic floating buoy

1、A combination of buoys can adapt to any particular requirement, and the shape or size of the assembly can meet any idea in your mind.

2、The assembly is fast and convenient.It takes only 1 hours for 2 people to put together 50 buoys together. The structure of the floating box is very simple, tightly fixed with a special connection pin. All parts are light and easy to operate.

3、The plastic buoy is made from high density polyethylene. It can resist impact, climate change, harsh water and sunshine conditions, and a large amount of chemical products. It is not easy to oxidize or aging, so the buoy will not cause pollution to the surrounding water environment.

4、The safety of the water floating buoy is very important, so we have a very strict test, including its stability, carrying capacity and anti-skid performance.

5、The maintenance cost of the plastic floating buoy is very low. There is no need to waste time and money to maintain it year after year.