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Marine airbagMarine airbagMarine airbag

Marine airbag

  • Certification : ISO, CCS, BV
  • Diameter range (D) : From 0.8m to 2.8m
  • Effective Length (EL) : From 6.0m to 24m
  • main use : for ship salvage, launching and lifting
  • Product description: rubber airbag, ship launching airbag, ship salvage airbag, ship lifting bag, boat airbag, inflatable airbag, ship roller, rubber balloon, air tube

Marine airbag is also known as rubber airbag, ship launching airbag, ship salvage airbag, ship lifting bag, boat airbag, inflatable airbag, ship roller, rubber balloon, air tube, made of natural rubber &multi layers of rubber dipped nylon fabric(like tyre).

Marine Inflatable Rubber Airbag with ISO9001 and CCS guarantee

Product Description

Marine Inflatable Rubber Airbags are developed specially for ship launching technology, which possesses extrmely high bearing capacity, resistant to wear and to sea water corrosion, its main function is for transporting ship to launch or upgrade.


1. High quality rubber and high tensile synthetic fiber are used

2. No-mould vulcanization and surround pasting formation process

3. Through the experimental verification according with standards of ISO17682:2013

Advantages in comparison with traditional slideway launch mode:

1. Saving the investment of shipyard construction

2. Simple operation, saving of labor and work hours

3. Environment friendly

Product name:China High Bearing Ship Launching Airbag
Marine ubber airbag are also known as air bags, ship lifting airbag, ship rubber airbag,rubber tube, ship salvage airbag,rubber pontoon,inflatable air bags, air lifting bags, air balloon,salvage bags,ship launching rubber airbag. Airbag now are used for ship launching,loading and floating.They are widely used in cargo boat/ship/vessel launching and landing,lifting and moving sunkenships and heavy goods.
The superior quality performance of aohai airbags pneumatic rubber airbag manufacturer
1)Material :Natural Rubber+Diped tyre-cord fabric(enhanced type)
2)Anti-ageing rubber formula ,rubber content more than 57%;the life span is longer than other marine rubber airbags  pneumatic rubber airbag manufacturer
3)Inflatable,can deflate packaging, convenient for shipping;
4)The valve/lug on both side are all anti-corrosion, not easy to rust
5)Improved air valve,high performance air tight
6)Thicken outer rubber layer ,not easy to damage

1. Special synthetic tire-cord layer material
Marine airbags are made with reinforced synthetic tire-cord layers, which have much better performance than those made with PVC coated fabrics.
2. High-Pressure Design
Marine airbags have a maximum working pressure of 0.25 Mpa. That means they can be used under 25m water-depth.
3. Strict quality management system
All the material used in production should be tested accoring to the requirement. Material failed the test is forbidden to be used. This ensures the high quality of our marine rubber airbags.
4. Warranty Period
Without misuse, the airbags from our company have a warranty period of 2 years.
Our factory has a weekly capacity of 500 pieces. Our technincal team always put the customers first and are committed to provide customers with the superior quality products.
Introduction of Ship launching marine airbag with ISO14409

4.How to work for lanuching
Product name:China High Bearing Ship Launching Airbag
1.Rubber airbag for ship upgranding, conversion or new/repair launching(for ship launching or landing)
2.Rubber airbag for hoisting and transporting heavy goods.
3.Marine rubber airbag for salvaging sunken ship or heavy immersed steel structure.
4.Pneumatic rubber airbag for architecture engineering.
5.Container for storing and transporting gas,corrosive chemical liquid and pure water.
6.Rubber airbag for construction and floating of bridge or pipeline.

Ship Launch Airbag


  • It overcomes the shortcomings of the fixed launching track, which limits the productive capability of the small and medium sized shipyards.
  • Using the ship launch airbag becomes a flexible launching technology. The airbag has the advantage by saving time and labor.
  • It has the characters of flexibility, reliability and safety in ship launch operation. It is also economic.


The vessel bags consists of an air bag body and ends of iron pieces. The wall of air bag consists of  rubber layer and fabric layer after the process of forming and vulcanization.

At both ends of the lifting ship launch airbag, there are two air bag balloon ship mouths. We can pump the air into or release the air from the water airbag end mouths. The vessel airbags mouths are made of metal materials and melted into the fender rubber main body.


A and B:  Airbag mouths(Material: carbon steel or stainless steel)

F: Airbag end section(Cone shape)

E: Airbag body section(cylindrical shape)

Every airbag consists from the fabric and the natural rubber layer. All the material is solidified by the vulcanization.

As per the reinforced the material, the density of the fabric should be (90±5)pc/100mm width, and the single line of the fabric must be not less than 205N.

Break Strength

Adhesive strength

Elongation at break







Our team developed the high strength shipping launching and landing airbags. We made a lot of ship launch airbag launcher burst test and compression performance test. All the data is over the relevant international and our country standards, and also exceeds the shipping line standard.

Besides the shipping launching and landing purpose, our rubber airbags also used for lifting and moving the heavy items, shipping salvage etc.







0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m,2m etc.


ranging from 5m to 18m

(Diameter and length can customize by the requirements of customers)

For Small and medium-sized ship up to or down to launching way and moving objects


For the larger ship up to or down to launching way and moving objects


For large and medium-sized ship up to or down to launching way and moving objects

6-layer or more

For large ship up to or down to launching way and supporting the key parts during operation

Dimension Tolerance and Appearance

The length and the diameter of the ship launch airbag should be measured by the rated working pressure, the allowed tolerance is ±3%. The outer appearance of the shipping launching airbag should be smooth, bright without the crack, bubble, separated layers, pit or point.

Our company’s new integrated marine launching airbag adopts special rubber formula. And each rubber and fabric layer integrated with each other. The launch balloon head uses two layers more than the airbag body. This improves the work pressure of the airbag and enhances the strength of the marine airbag. Our airbags has good tightness, safety, and the longer life cycle. The use life is twice longer than the airbags in the market by our special rubber formulations.