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  • Jet Power Surfboard
  • Jet Power Surfboard
  • Jet Power Surfboard
  • Jet Power Surfboard
Jet Power SurfboardJet Power SurfboardJet Power SurfboardJet Power Surfboard

Jet Power Surfboard

  • Hull Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Electric Jet Powered Surfboards
  • Motorized surfboard
  • Best Electric Jet Powered Surfboards in China
  • Product description: power ski jet board,power jetboard,Electric Surfboards | Jetboards丨Motorized Surfboard
Product size: L1800mmxW600mmxH150mm(without fin)
Net Weight 23kg
Recommend load capacity:40-80KG

Engine 90CC 2-stroke
Power: 16HP
Max Speed 34mph,45km/h
Cooling system Water-cooled Jet Pump Type Axial flow, single stage
Fuel tank capacity :3.5L
Fuel Mixing ratio: 25:1
Spark Plug BR8ES Idle speed: 2900(in water)
Battery: 40C 18650 lithium



 1. The hull is made 100% from the highest quality Carbon Fibre.

2. A specially designed high tech Two-Stroke 86 cubic centimeter engine provides an amazing 16HP with only 23 Kg in weight!

3. Jet power surfboard is equipped with an automatic electronic control unit with auto start function and a system for continuousness running of the engine. Power to the starter motor and spark plug is supplied by 40C 18650 lithium battery

4. Digital charger is included for charging these batteries.

5. A professional high tech exhaust system ensures maximum power and reduced noise in a very small space.

Yellow/White/Black Colors are available.

Accessories included

How it's packed!

Wooden Case outside to protect it.