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  •  Inflatable Rafting Boat
  •  Inflatable Rafting Boat
  •  Inflatable Rafting Boat
 Inflatable Rafting Boat Inflatable Rafting Boat Inflatable Rafting Boat

Inflatable Rafting Boat

  • Hull Material: PVC/Hypalon
  • Fly Fishing Inflatable Rafts & Boats
  • Drifting Boats
  • Customized Is available
  • Product description: China Lee Boat丨Inflatable Life Rafts丨Flyfishing Rafting Boat丨Marine Rescue Rafting Boat

An inflatable boat is a lightweight boat constructed with its sides and bow made of flexible tubes containing pressurised gas. For smaller boats, the floor and hull is often flexible, while for boats longer than 3 metres (9.8 ft), the floor typically consists of three to five rigid plywood or aluminium sheets fixed between the tubes, but not joined rigidly together. Often the transom is rigid, providing a location and structure for mounting an outboard motor.

Some inflatable boats can be disassembled and packed into a small volume, so that they can be easily stored and transported. The boat, when inflated, is kept rigid cross-ways by a foldable removable thwart. This feature makes these boats suitable for liferafts for larger boats or aircraft, and for travel or recreational purposes.

Looking for extra family fun on your next holiday or day trip? The inflatable boats at China Leeboat offer great options for paddling at your favourite swimming spot or even in the pool. With a range of different sizes, you can get the inflatable boat that fits your family. Made from super strong pre-tested PVC, the inflatable boats feature 4 air-chamber construction and are fitted with sturdy oar locks and rod holders as well as an all-around grab rope, so you and your kids can enjoy the water in comfort and safety. Boats include paddle, foot pump and heavy duty repair patch


1. Deck is inflatable,
2.With 2 small inflatable tube chairs,
3. Imported 0.9mm/1.2mm PVC or HYPALON
4.warranty:5 years

Standard Accessories :

Two Oars ,Repair Kit ,Foot pump ,
The optional accessories are not for free :

Life Vest ,Electric Pump, oars.

What are the advantages of inflatable boats?

There are many advantages to inflatable boats, here we take a look at some of them:

Flexibility: The ability to inflate and deflate the boat quickly means it can be transported more easily than a rigid craft - it can fit in the boot of the car or with your other luggage on the roof rack! It also does not need launching sites once you get to the water, making more places accessible.

Stability: With one large buoyancy tube on each side and a flat bottom, they form a stable craft with a low centre of gravity, making them one of the most stable boats available while providing optimum comfort.

Multi-Functional: A lot of boats only have one purpose. They're either for rowing, fishing or sailing. With inflatables, you can do almost anything, from going through the rapids for a bit of white-water action to going fishing on a lake or cruising down the waterways.

Economy: compared to many other types of boat, inflatables are far more economical to buy and maintain. If you are not sure if you will enjoy boating, or if you think it will only be used for a short time, the financial outlay is much less.

What else should I know about inflatable boats?

The boats come with a heavy-duty repair patch and a foot pump, but if you find that you need more repair patches or want to make your life easier, look at our range of repair kits and pumps here at Anaconda. An electric pump can be connected to your car and make light work of even the largest boat, leaving you with more time and energy to enjoy your time on the water!

China Lee Boat Sports Company is a professional Manufacturer of inflatable boats. With more than 10 years experience of manufacturing inflatable boats, we could always make custom boats for your fishing, sporting and rescuing on the sea.