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  • Inflatable Rafts
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Inflatable RaftsInflatable RaftsInflatable Rafts

Inflatable Rafts

  • Hull Material: PVC/Hypalon
  • Customized Is available
  • Product description: China Lee Boat丨Inflatable Life Rafts丨Flyfishing Rafting Boat丨Marine Rescue Rafting Boat

Inflatable Life Raft 3.4m PVC River Sport Rafting Boat Floating Boat Rubber Boat

Flat water Rafting Tender

Orange Inflatable Rafting Fishing Boat

Whitewater Rafting Tender For Sale

White Color Inflatable Rafting Boats


1. Deck is inflatable,
2.With 2 small inflatable tube chairs,
3. Imported 0.9mm/1.2mm PVC or HYPALON
4.warranty:5 years

Standard Accessories :

Two Oars ,Repair Kit ,Foot pump ,
The optional accessories are not for free :

Life Vest ,Electric Pump, oars.

China Inflatable Rafts Boat Factory

Good Quality Small Rafting Inflatable Boat

China Lee Boat Sports Company is a professional Manufacturer of inflatable boats. With more than 10 years experience of manufacturing inflatable boats, we could always make custom boats for your fishing, sporting and rescuing on the sea.

Chinese Inflatable Rafts Tender Cabin