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  • Cheap PE Fishing Boat For Sale
  • Cheap PE Fishing Boat For Sale
  • Cheap PE Fishing Boat For Sale
Cheap PE Fishing Boat For SaleCheap PE Fishing Boat For SaleCheap PE Fishing Boat For Sale

Cheap PE Fishing Boat For Sale

  • Material: LLPDE (Food Grade)
  • Size: Customized
  • Color: Any Color is OK
  • CE Certificated
  • Product description: Best Plastic Boats from China丨Plastic Fishing Boat丨Small Fishing Boats丨Fisherman Boats丨Small PE Dinghy丨Water Working Boat
A plastic boat from China Leeboat has many advantages:

Stong material

Lee boats are rotationally moulded in polyethylene. The production method and the structure of the boats makes them highly robust and durable.

Minimal maintenance

The boats require minimal maintenance. This gives users more time to enjoy “simple boating”. Should your Leeboat become damaged, repairs are no problem.


Lee boats are made from a plastic material containing UV stabilisers, which prevent the colour from fading and the material from degrading over time.


The structure and design of Lee boats make them stable and safe. Our customers are safe when using one of our boats and while it is moving. The boats have a double-hull design that glides through the water and provides good buoyancy and safety.


CE Certificated.This gives Leeboat users confidence and the ability to enjoy their boating.


Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly material which is 100% recyclable. Any materials surplus to boat production are re-used in other products. Even the production method is very environmentally friendly. Leeboat is the environmentally friendly choice.

Material 100% New LLDPE
Color Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Dark Green and customized
Size 6000*1160*385mm
Weight 150kg
Capacity 1-10person
Max Load 1400kg
Optional Accessory Oars, Gasoline Engine
Durable years More than 20years

1.Rotational molding, one-step molding technology, double hull stucture and non-slip surface design.

Advantage: water-tight, firm, safe

 2.100% new LLDPE material, add anti-UV additive

Advantage: longer service life, anti-corrosion, light weight, easy to clean and move


3.Costomized color, optional accessory: oars, engine, OEM acceptable

Advantage: Wide range application in tourism, fishery, fishing, entertainment, river cleaning etc.


Lee pe boats have some considerable advantages over RIBs, not least of which is the deck space which is up to 50% greater, because they aren’t taken up by inflatable tubes; the compartmentalised hulls are filled with PE balls for flotation instead. And because there are no inflatable tubes it is far less vulnerable.

A PE boat can be taken into shallow, rocky waters with full confidence due to its impact resistant properties—it will bounce off most obstacles and actually spring back to shape even with the roughest treatment.


  • Zero corrosion—which means no maintenance
  • No marine growth—the hull stays clean and hydrodynamic
  • Impervious to extreme climates—from the Artic to the tropics
  • Carbon footprint is small—5 times lower than manufacturing with aluminium, for example
  • 100% recyclable—doesn’t get more environmentally friendly than that
  • Easy to repair—we aren’t saying that this will happen often but if it does, it is usually a very simple and cheap process